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1Sir, the thief has run into the building.
Thanks! Thats useful information.
A/ Ban Ca Dpieces of
2Helen, lovely sheep are ! Do you like them ?
Very much .
AWhat a BWhat CHow DHow a
3Would you mind me sitting next to the window ?
AYes, please. Bwith pleasure.
CNo, I really mind. DSorry.
4Jack, please clean the room! Why____? Tom is free there.
AI BMine CMyself DMe
5How will the weather tomorrow ?
Alike Bbe Cbe like D look like
6How long ago the fire ?
Adid begin Bhas begun Chad begun Dhas been on
7Can you tell me ?
Awhere is No.1 Middle School Bhow can I get to No.1 Middle School
Chow to No.1 Middle School Dthe way to No.1 Middle School
8Kids had better alone at home for anything can happen .
Anot to be left Bnot to stay Cnot be D not to be
9Have you read the novel
Yes, I it three times when I was in the Middle School.
Aread Bwould read Chave read Dwas reading
10Wuhu, a beautiful city, lies the Yangze River.
Ain the south of Bto the south of Con the south of Dat the south of
11What are you looking forward ?
Ato Bto do Cto doing it D/
12Do you still remember the film interests us a lot
Ait Bthe one Cthat D/
13Any oil in the bottle? .
ANot BNeither CNothing DNone
14Excuse me, can you tell me if he knows any other language English ?
Aexcept Bbut Cbesides D beside
15Ill tell Mr Chen when you to see him when he .
Acome, returns Bwill come, returns
Ccome, will returns Dwill come, will return
16Don lose heart, and get up you fell .
Awhere Bwhy Cunless Duntil
17How I I were a bird flying in the sky!
Ahope Bexcept Cwant Dwish
18 late in the morning, he turned off the alarm.
ASleeping BTo sleep CSleep DHaving slept
19Say it again!
Sorry, I .
Aam not listening Bwasnt listening Cwasnt hearing Dwont listen to
20Jim, will you deal with next ?
Awhat Bhow Cwhen DHow much

A king wanted to give a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace. Many 21 tried. The king 22 all the pictures. But there were only 23 he really liked, and he had to 24 between them. One picture had a 25 lake. The lake was a perfect 26 for peaceful mountains all around it. Overhead was a blue sky with fluffy(ë״) 27 clouds. All who saw this picture thought that it was a 28 picture of peace.
The 29 picture had mountains, too. 30 they were bare(ͺ). Above was a(n) 31 sky, and in it there were rain and 32 .Down the side of the mountain tumbled() a foaming waterfall. This did not look peaceful 33 .
But when the king looked 34 , he saw behind the waterfall a tiny bush 35 in the rock. In the bush a mother bird had built her 36 . There, in the midst of the bush of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest in perfect peace.
Which picture do you think will win the prize? The king chose the 37 picture. Do you know why? Because, 38 the king, peace does not 39 to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your 40 . That is the real meaning of peace.
21Asingers Bwriters Ccitizens Dartists
22Alooked at Blooked back Clooked into Dlooked around
23Aone Bthree Ctwo Dfour
24Amake Bcount Cchoose Dcorrect
25Aclean Bcalm(ƽ) Cdeep Dshallow(dz)
26Awater Bpicture Cmirror Dwaterfall(ٲ)
27Acolorful Bwhite Cheavy Dthick
28Ameaningful Bhard Cmodern Dwonderful
29Aother Bbeautiful Cold Dlast
30ABut BAnd CSo DAs
31Anice Bangry Cfine Dlovely
32A planes Bkites Clightning Dbirds
33Aeasily Bat last Cat least Dat all
34Ameaningfully Bpolitely Ccuriously Dcarefully
35Agrowing Bfalling Cplaying Ddying
36Aroom Bhole Cbody Dnest
37Afirst Bsecond Cperfect Dreal
38Aordered Bexplained Cthought Dsuggested
39Amean Bhave Ccome Dhappen
40Anest Bpicture Cheart Dhome

If you want to take your child to visit an animal shelter(). New York City has many animal shelters that will attract your child and excite him. This could be a great idea if your child especially wants to have a pet.
Take your kids out for a horse ride. One perfect place in New York City is the Forest Park, Queens NY. This great park offers different kinds of fun activities.
For the more adventurous(ð)activities, a trip to Coney Island is the perfect answer. Visit the Astroland Amusement Park and your kid will fall in love with it. Here you can play many different daring(ðյ) games as Cyclone Roller Coaster, arcade(Ϸ) rooms having many video games.
There are so many arcade centers in New York City, where one can go with children and have a great time playing different games and exercising. Dave and Busters is a great arcade plus food centre offering delicious bread in addition to interesting video games. ESPN Zone is another great place in New York City where you can easily share delicious food with you children.
If you are a local of New York City, perhaps the best place to take your child to is the Public Library. Children love books and New York City has some of the best libraries in the world. So take your child to a good library in New York City on a weekend and spend some gold time with him/her.
41In Forest Park you can enjoy .
Awalking a pet Briding a horse Cplaying basketball Dplaying volleyball
42If you look for adventurous activities, you can go to .
AForest Park BConey Island CDave and Busters DESPN Zone
43Which video games center offer delicious bread?
AForest Park BAstroland Amusement Park
CDave and Busters DThe Public Library
44We can know from the passage that .
AAnimal shelters attract the children having pets
BAstroland Amusement Park attracts game players
CESPN Zone is the best place to have bread and fun
DThe best place to take your child to is the Public Library
45What can be the best title for the passage?
AAnimal Shelters in New York City BGames Centers in New York City
CTravelling around New York City DBest Children Activities in New York City

When you grow up, you have more responsibilities ()and also more freedom to spend time with other peopleThough you may feel ready to make your own decisions about where and when to goyour parents will put limits() on youSo you may find you are arguing with your parents more than you used toThe reason why your parents do this is that they care about you and want to protect you from danger.
Here are some tips for how to avoid() and solve arguments with your parents
Discuss the rules ahead of time and not at the last minuteThis way you will be able to tell what they will say yes or no before you make plansYour parents can also explain to you why each rule is in placeAsk them to give you the chance to explain how the rules make you feel and suggest what you think are right rulesYour parents may be willing to listen to your ideas and use them when making rules that you both agree on
Try to remain calm when your parents say no to somethingYou will show your parents that you have grown up by talking instead of shouting
Spend time with your familySome teens argue with their parents over the amount of time they spend with their friendsChat with each other and make some special family time so that you can all enjoy the time you spend at homeAnd you can also enjoy together such as going on a hiketaking a bike ride, or going to the beach
46Your parents limit your activity mainly because they .
Athink the thing youll do is bad Bare worried about your study
Care worried about your safety Dwant you to be with them at home
47We can learn from the passage that the right rules are those
Ayour parents make Byou make
Cyou have to obey Dyou and your parents can both accept
48When your parents prevent you from doing something, you should
Afight for your freedom Bcontrol yourself
Cargue with them Dnot listen to them
49Whats the purpose(Ŀ) of the family activities in the last paragraph?
ATo make parents happy
BTo visit more places of interest
CTo build up their bodies
DTo enjoy family time with parents
50From this passage, we can learn________
Ahow to say no to parents rules.
Bparents make stupid(޴) rules.
Chow to get along with parents.
Dwe should say yes to parents.
Some students in university want to take a job because of two reasonson the one handthey need moneyon the other handthey want to experience something new and they want to see what working meansIt is a good chance to know about the society and realize the importance of coworking() with others
But is it good to take a job while you are a university student? Having a job from an early age helps us get experiencewhich will be very useful to our later lifeWe may become independent ()and dont need to ask our parents for money each time we want to go with our friendsor spend the holiday at the seaside or in the mountains
Howeverstudents who take a job might have problems in spending enough time on their studyIf they work during the daythey may have to be absent(ȱϯ) from their classesand if they work at night they will feel tired the next dayThey may choose to stay at homerestingWhats worsesome students may even begin to dislike studying.
Well, some students take a part-time job but at the same time they make time for studyingtooAnd they have good resultsTheir case is a good example to follow among the students who decide to work while being in university
51The writer believes that some college students work
Ato support their family Bfor pleasure
Cfor further education Dto get experience
52According to the passage, college students who take a job can
Awin free journeys
Bprepare them for their future careers()
Cmake more friends
Dhave complete independence from their family
53Taking a job may cause a student to
Abe in trouble with their roommates Blose their interest in their studies
Cbe absent from their exams Dreceive punishment from their teachers
54The writer want to say that college students
Ashould keep a balance between work and study
Bshould not take a job
Chad better take a part-time job during vacation
Dshould learn by doing
55From the passage, we can know that taking a job during university years
Ahas more negative() influences B. is much like a cake with fruit in it
Cis much like a coin with two sides Dhas more positive() influences
We offer five kinds of coursesEach course has been designed to help students according to their needs
Course 1General English
General English is designed to develop students basic() communication skills inSpeaking and PronunciationReading ListeningWritingGrammar and Vocabulary
Tuesday to Friday900 am to 1100 am$288 per week
Course 2Academic English
Academic English is for students who want to take the IELTS exam or for those who need to use English in a professional(רҵ) area
Monday to Friday400 pm to 500 pm$320 per week
Course 3High School ESL
Why not make the most of your time studying in Australia with the help from TIES? We have High School ESL classes each week specifically designed for International Students
Tuesday to Friday800 am to 1100 am$25 per hour
Course 4Night Classes
Do you want to improve your English and get the best results possible in your GRE test? We have two classes each week designed to meet your needs
Tuesday and Thursday evenings830 pm to 1030 pm$60 per class
Course 5One to One
If you are interested in some One to One lessons with TIES teacherswe can design 8 curriculum(γ) to meet your needsOne to One lessons can improve your English language skills more quickly and help students who want to take TOEFI
Tuesday to Friday200 pm to 500 pm$80 per hour
56If you are an English beginnerYoud better choose
ANight Classes BHigh School ESL CGeneral English D. One to One
57Which course would be helpful for students who want to take the IELTS exam?
ACourse 1 B. Course 2 CCourse 3 DCourse 4
58 How much will you pay if you spend 2 weeks taking the High School ESL Course.
A$350 B$250 C$200 D. $600
59What can we learn from One to One according to the passage?
AIts more expensive than the other course
BIts lessons are given every afternoon
CIts designed just for English beginners.
DIts designed to make you interested in learning English
60. The article is probably from .
Aa magazine Ba newspaper Ca novel Da guide book


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