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76. Importance / Significance / Benefits/ Advantages 77.Improving 78.express 79.get 80.quality 81.Ways / Tips / Advice / Suggestions /Methods / Means 82.healthily 83.Respecting 84.Forbidding 85.feeling

One possible version:
Why are more and more children getting short-sighted?

It is reported that the rate of my opia of Chinese students is ranked as the highest in the world.
The causes of my opia are complicated.Firstly, too much homework leads to the lack of time for exercise and a good sleep. Long time of studying makes it difficult to refresh eyesight. Secondly,medical research shows genetic factors also contribute to poor eyesight. Inaddition, many students dont form good eye care habits. For example,when reading, some students hold books too close to their eyes.
Realizing the reasons of this result, its time for us to take measures to protect eyesight. I think the most important is to encouragestudents to engage in more outdoor activities and create a vision-friendly studying environment.

M:Ithought you only liked collecting stamps.
W: I alsolike collecting coins. But collecting train tickets is my favorite activity.
W:Is itserious, Mr Smith?
M:Notreally. Its just the flu. Take this, drink plenty of water, and stay in bed for twodays.
W:Haveyou heard theres been a big fire in the old paper factory?
M:Are yousure? There is nothing in the newspaper about it.
W:I wasthere last night. Go and watch TV. There might be something about it.
W:Im lookingfor employment.
M:Whatkind of work are you prepared to do?
W:Anyoffice job. Id like to start working as soon as possible.
M:Im sorry,but we havent had any employers ring us for over a week.
W:Excuseme, sir. Could you tell me how I can get to the city church?
M:Are youdriving or taking public transportation?
W:I drovehere yesterday and spent the day driving to all the sights, but today I havedecided to go by bus.
M:Walk with me. Im headingin the direction where youll be catching thebus you want. The bus conductor will tell you how to change the next bus andwhere to get off.
M:Lovelyday, isnt it?
W:Mmm,yes, its really warm. And its supposed to getwarmer.
M:Yes, thats true.You know, though, Im always a little sorry to see winter go.
M:Well, Ilove skating. In fact, I used to teach skating for a living.
W:Oh?That sounds interesting. But what do you do now?
M:I workin a bank of America.How about you?
W:Im withthe radio station.
W:No, Im from Chicago. Im justvisiting here for the wedding.
M:Oh, Isee.

M:Helen,I heard that you wanted to be a gym teacher, didnt you?
W:Yes, Idid think about it. But it was going to be too expensive.
M:Youmean the training?
W:Yes,you need to pay for the use of all the equipment. You know, my family is poor.
M:So youwent to a nursing college.
W:I did.And I have no regrets.
M:Really?You enjoyed it?
W:Oh,very much.
M:Didnt youfeel sad that you couldnt become a teacher?
W:Well,in a way. But as time went on, I really began to like my job.
M:Im afraidI have to say that one of your drivers was extremely rude.
W:Imterribly sorry, sir. Er, could you tell me when you took that particular taxi?
M:It waslast night, around 8:30.
W:Last night. So thedate was the tenth of May and the time was 8:30 pm. OK. Now, what was yourdestination?

M:Mydestination? Er, I was going to North Point.
W:NorthPoint, right. Well, did you notice the name of the driver, or his car number?
M:I dontremember his name, but the car number seems to be JF438675.
W:JF438675,right. And you said he was rude?
M:Indeedhe was. He was driving too fast, and when I asked him to drive more slowly, hetold me to be quiet.

W:Well speakto the driver and try to sort this out.
M:Well, Icertainly hope so. Goodbye.
W:Hello,Ben. You are getting ready for tomorrowslessons, arent you?
M:Yes. Im a bitnervous. I have no idea whatll happen in classand how Ill get along with my classmates.
W:Iunderstand how youre feeling. Just take it easy. Youll make alot of new friends very soon.
M:Thank you. Ill try mybest to get used to my new school life as soon as possible. By the way, whattime does the first class begin?
W:At 8 oclock.But before that we have 10 minutes to hand in homework and then 20 minutes formorning reading.
M:So wemust get to school before 7:30, right?
M:Howlong does each class last?
W:45minutes, I think, with a 10 or 15 minutes break.
M:Well, Ihear that lunchtime is nearly 12 oclock and Ill bestarving by then.
W:Dont worry.During the break after the second class we can buy something to eat.
M:Thats good.

W:Hello, I was oncean air hostess. Now I am on my first bus trip and Im quitesurprised at the services offered during the trip, including our meals on theway, restrooms and public address announcements.

Just now, I introduced myself to thehostess on the bus, and we told each other about experiences with air andground travel.
At lunchtime, she gave out menus offering achoice of sandwiches. As she began filling orders, she found that there werent enoughegg salad sandwiches. She quickly went to whisperto the driver. The bus soon stopped. The hostess ran to another bus that hadbeen following ours, and soon she returned with a box of egg salad sandwiches. As she passed my seat, she askedme,Could you do that on a plane?





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