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ܰʾ1. Ծ8ҳIJ֣ʮһ⣬100Сһƪҳ˶ҳٴ⡣ʱΪ120ӣ150֡
2. д𰸾ڸֱʻԲдڴӦλϡ
3. ӦԣԼʵף㿼ɹ
һ ⣬30֣
I. ؼС⣬ÿС1֣5֣
1. A. eight B. eighth C. eighteenth
2. A. rang B. ran C. rained
3. A. watch B. wash C. wish
4. A. right B. bright C. light
5. A. wrote a book B. rode a bike C. rowed a boat
II. ̶Ի10С⣬ÿС1֣10֣
6. What does the woman often do when she is free?

7. What did the man lose?

8. Whats the mans phone number?

9. Where did the woman get the news from?

10. What will the man buy for his daughter?

11. Where is Jack going?
A. To the station. B. To the hospital. C. To the office.
12. What would the man like?
A. A cup of tea. B. Some orange juice. C. We dont know.
13. Whats Lucys dress made of?
A. Wool. B. Cotton. C. Silk.
14. What can Ben do?
A. Play volleyball. B. Play football. C. Play basketball.
15. What are they doing?
A. Having a class. B. Making a call. C. Talking in class.
III. Ի⣨5С⣬ÿС1֣5֣
16. How did Tim and Alice get to their friends home?
A. By car. B. By bike. C. On foot.
17. What time will the party start?
A. At 6:30. B. At 7:30. C. At 8:30.
18. What does the man want to buy?
A. Sports shoes. B. Sports clothes. C. A sports hat.
19. What color does the man want?
A. Blue. B. Brown. C. White.
20. How much does the man pay for them?
A. Eighty dollars. B. Seventy dollars. C. Sixty dollars.
IV. ⣨5С⣬ÿС1֣5֣
21. Which floor are the two rooms on?
A. Third. B. Fifth. C. Sixth.
22. How far is the hotel from the sea?
A. One kilometer. B. One and a half kilometers. C. Two kilometers.
23. How much does Peter have to pay for his rooms for a night?
A. $ 200. B. $ 300. C. $ 400.
24. Which meal doesnt Peter have to pay for?
A. Breakfast. B. Lunch. C. Supper.
25. When can Peter arrive at this hotel?
A. On July 1. B. On July 8. C. On July 10.
V. Ϣת5С⣬ÿС1֣5֣
A Traffic Accident
Time At a 26 to eight on the evening of May 20th.
Place In front of the 27 center along Sunshine Street.
Accident A black car 28 into a taxi.
Deaths In all, 29 were killed.
Cause The driver of the car 30 too much.
ڶ Ӣ֪ʶ⣬40֣
VI. ѡ20С⣬ÿС1֣20֣
ÿСABCD ĸѡѡհ״ѡ
2011ߺ31. English is _________ international language.
A. a B. an C. / D. the
ڴʵ÷language ǿʣinternationalԪؿͷĵʡڴanָijһࡣ
2011ߺ32. Wuhu is a beautiful city.
Yes, and I feel ______ to live there.
A. comfortable B. worried C. afraid D. tired
2011ߺ33. _______ do you clean your room?
Every day.
A. How long B. How many C. How often D. How soon
How long Ϊ೤Ƕʱhow many ָ٣Ҫʿʵhow oftenָÿãҪƵʣhow soonָٹãҪʱʾһʱݴevery day֪ǶƵʣCΪȷ𰸡
2011ߺ34. Dont be afraid of new words. You can ______ in the dictionary.
A. look at them B. look for them C. look them up D. look them over
look at Ϊlook forΪѰҡlook upΪڡ飩вҡlook overΪ飬쿴ݾ⣺ҪʣֵвǡCΪȷ𰸡
2011ߺ35. Remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room.
A. OK. I will B. No, I wont C. It doesnt matter D. I know that
2011ߺ36. Must I go through the radiation () check when I come back from Japan at the airport these days?
Yes, you ______.
A. can B. may C. might D. must
2011ߺ37. Funtawild Adventure is very popular and ______ tourists visit it year by year.
A. more and more B. fewer and fewer C. less and less D. more or less
ݴʱȽϼȽϼ+and+ȽϼΪԽԽųDtouristsǿʣųCݾеFuntawild Adventure is very popularжϳAΪȷ𰸡
2011ߺ38. China develops so fast.
Thats true. It ______ a lot already.
A. changes B. changed C. will change D. has changed
2011ߺ39. I often have hamburgers for lunch.
Youd better. Its bad for you ______ too much junk food.
A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. ate
ʲʽItΪʽʲʽto eat too much junk food 
2011ߺ40. Mr. King, we have finished planting all the trees.
A. Never mind. B. Thats too bad. C. Dont mention it. D. Well done!
Never mindΪûϵThats too badΪ̫ˡDont mention it ΪWell doneΪúáݾ֪DΪȷ𰸡
2011ߺ41. Look! There so many people in the park.
Nobody likes to stay at home ______ Sunday morning.
A. in B. on C. at D. to
2011ߺ42. These days students in some schools ______ not to use mobile phones.
A. ask B. asked C. are asked D. were asked
̬studentsǶijߣñ̬these days֪һʱ
2011ߺ43. Yoga (٤) helps people to keep healthy and relaxed, _______?
A. does it B. doesnt it C. is it D. isnt it
䡣ΪһʱĿ϶ʽҺжhelpsԸӲӦdoesnt it.
2011ߺ44. Do you like sports?
Yes, I do some running in the park everyday _______ the weather is terrible.
A. if B. after C. unless D. while
2011ߺ45. ______ is impossible if you put your heart into it.
A. Anything B. Something C. Everything D. Nothing
2011ߺ46. My alarm doesnt work now. Could you help me fix it?
A. No hurry B. I dont care C. No problem D. Im sorry to hear that
No hurryΪżI dont careΪҲںNo problemΪû⡱Im sorry to hear that ΪҺѹݾ⣺ҵӻˣܰһ𣿿֪CΪȷ𰸡
2011ߺ47. Zhou Ming likes reading English magazines.
_______. Its good for English learning.
A. So do I B. So am I C. So I do D. So I am
װ䡣So +/ be/ ̬+ΪҲݵһеlikesжϳӦdoAΪȷ𰸡
2011ߺ48. Could you tell me _________?
You can take No. 16 bus.
A. how can we get to the Olympic Park B. how we can get to the Olympic Park
C. how did we get to the Olympic Park D. how we got to the Olympic Park
2011ߺ49. We can talk with friends on the Internet _______ its easier and cheaper.
A. though B. as C. or D. but
2011ߺ50. Im going for a summer camp in Qingdao next month.
A. What a pity B. Not at all C. Dont worry D. Have a good time
What a pityΪϧѽNot at allΪлDont worryΪżHave a good timeΪף족ݾ֪DΪȷ𰸡
VII. 20С⣬ÿС1.5֣30֣
A king was old and he knew it was time to choose a new king. He told all the young people in the country, Ill give 51 of you a seed (). Plant it and bring it back one year later. Show me the plant that you bring. 52 Ill choose a new king from you.
A boy 53 Ling got a seed, too. He planted it 54 . But the seed doesnt grow at all. A year later, Ling had to take his 55 box to the palace. Others all brought beautiful plants there and Ling felt 56 .
The king 57 the palace and look around. When he found there was nothing in Lings box. The king smiled and said to the others, One year ago, I gave everyone a seed 58 couldnt grow. But all of you, 59 Ling, have bought me plants and flowers. Ling was the only one with the honesty (ʵ) and 60 to bring such a box. So he will be the new king!
51. A. each B. neither C. both D. none
52. A. and B. but C. although D. so
53. A. liked B. helped C. named D. asked
54. A. careful B. carefully C. careless D. carelessly
55. A. full B. empty C. beautiful D. broken
56. A. sad B. excited C. happy D. satisfied
57. A. got B. arrived C. went D. arrived at
58. A. which B. who C. what D. it
59. A. besides B. with C. except D. as
60. A. skill B. courage C. experience D. fear
51. A Ϊһÿһӡ
52. A andڱбʾнӹϵ
53. C ָһλLingк
54. B plantǶʣӦøʣĿ֪ӡѡB
55. B Ŀ֪Ӳûһֻպȥ˻ʹ
56. A ָ˴Ưֲеdzѹ
57. D get, go, arriveDzﶯʣʱҪӽʡ
58. A һӾдֻwhichϵʡ
59. C ָLing֮⣬е˶ֲͻ
60. B ָLingΨһһгʵպӵˡ
In Australia, different people have different ways to enjoy themselves. They also have their own ideas about 61 to pass time.
62 children, about 80%, work hard in school because they have to take lots of exams. After school, they dont want to stay at home reading books any more. 63 , they put aside their school bags and go out to play.
Some old people 64 early in the morning. Then they go to park to 65 . It helps them know what is happening around the world. In the evening, they would prefer to stay at home 66 rather than do anything else.
Young people enjoy having 67 trip on weekends. They go to mountains to have a picnic or go to the 68 to camp. They usually start on Friday and spend one or two days outside. Then on 69 evening, they start their way back home. 70 seems to be in a hurry, although a busy week is waiting for them again.
61. A. what B. how C. when D. why
62. A. Some B. Most C. All D. No
63. A. However B. Though C. Instead D. Or
64. A. get up B. come up C. stay up D. set up
65. A. read newspapers B. do sports C. enjoy themselves D. have breakfast
66. A. climbing hills B. watching TV C. go shopping D. going hiking
67. A. boring B. busy C. tiring D. relaxing
68. A. forest B. floor C. flat D. factory
69. A. Friday B. Sunday C. Tuesday D. Wednesday
70. A. Anybody B. Somebody C. Everybody D. Nobody
61. B ݾ⣺ǶĥʱҲԼ
62. B ļabout 80%֪
63. C Insteadʾתۡ⣺ѧDzڼ飬ǰһ߳ȥ档
64. A ָ硣
65. A Ŀ֪ȥ԰
66. B ϴڼ￴ӡ
67. D Ľ֪ܿĩɵС
68. A ݾӵǰ֪AΪȷ𰸡
69. B ǰһ֪忪ʼһ죬ֻյϻؼˡ
70. D ݾӵĺ벿ֿ֪һæڵȴǣƺûԵúܴæ
VIII. ȫԻ5С⣻ÿС1֣5֣
Tang Jun is chatting with his e-pal David (Ѵ) on QQ.
(D: David; T: Tang Jun)
D: Hi, how is it going these days?
T: Pretty good! We celebrated our Dragon Boat Festival () last week.
D: Dragon Boat Festival? 71
T: To remember an ancient Chinese poet (ʫ).
D: How do you usually celebrate it?
T: 72 . But this year, we did something more interesting.
D: What did you do?
T: Our school had a Dragon Boat race.
D: 73 . Who won the race?
T: Our class.
D: 74
T: Thanks a lot. I hope you can come to China sometime.
D: 75 . Im interested in Chinese traditions. Tell me more about them next time.
T: OK, I will. See you.
D: See you!

71. C ݴ֪ʾӦףʲôġ
72. A ݾӵĺ벿ֿ֪͡
73. D Sounds interesting! David
74. F ǰȡʤʾףء
75. E Ŀ֪ϣй
IX. Ķ⣨20С⣻ÿС2֣40֣

76. The match is between Brazil and ___________.
A. Argentina B. China C. Germany D. Japan
77. If Marry wants to be the assistant, she can phone the number ________.
A. 833059 B. 383539 C. 383359 D. 330859
78. Where is Jiuzi Square?
A. Its by Longwo Lake. B. Its in Biguiyuan village.
C. Its far from the city. D. Its in the center of the city.
79. You can watch the dolphin show ___________.
A. at 9:30 am, Wednesday B. at 10:00 am, Monday
C. at 1:00 pm, Thursday D. at 11:30 am, Tuesday
80. With 24,000yuan, Mr. Green can rent the house for _________.
A. 2 years B. one year C. 10 months D. 13 months
76. Aϸӵһ֪ⳡڰ밢֮͢еġ
77. Cϸ⡣ݵĸ֪ƸԱĵ绰383359.
78. Dϸ⡣ݵ֪Jiuzi Squareġ
79. Aϸ⡣9001100Уһ⡣
80. Bж⡣ÿµΪ2000Ԫ24000Ԫһ
Cats are the most popular pets among Americans. So it is not surprising there are many expressions about cats. Do you know any of them? Now let me introduce some to you.
Some cats like to catch small birds, like canaries. If someone looks very proud or satisfied with himself, we say he looks like the cat that ate the canary.
Sometimes, a cat likes to play with a small animal it catches. So if you play cat and mouse with someone, you change between different kinds of behavior when dealing with another person. For example, a child might offer something sweet to her little brother, and then take it away when reaches for it.
A cat will often catch a small animal and present it to its owner. The saying that looks like something the cat dragged in describes something in bad condition.
A fat cat is a person with a lot of money.
There are many other expressions about cats in America. How interesting! Which kind of cat are you, or which kind would you like to be?
81. Americans like ________ best as pets.
A. dogs B. pigs C. cats D. mice
82. The canary is a kind of ________.
A. dog B. cat C. bird D. fish
83. If you have much money, we can call you ________.
A. a fat cat B. a happy cat C. a thin cat D. a sad cat
84. If someone always thinks highly of himself, we can say _________.
A. he plays cat and mouse with someone
B. he looks like the cat that ate the canary
C. he is a lazy cat
D. he has dragged in something
85. The passage introduces us ________ expressions about cat.
A. one B. two C. three D. four
81. Cϸ⡣µĵһ仰֪èϲij
82. Cϸ⡣Some cats like to catch small birds, like canaries.һƶϳcanaryһ
83. Aϸ⡣A fat cat is a person with a lot of money.һ֪˳ǮΪfat cat.
84. Bж⡣If someone looks very proud or satisfied with himself, we say he looks like the cat that ate the canary.һжϳΪB
85. Dּ⡣½ĸèйصĶ
One day, Tomas Jefferson, the president of the USA, was crossing a river with a group of travelers. The river was overflowing its banks. So it was very dangerous to cross it on a horse. Each man was fighting for his life! Then another traveler came and he wanted to cross it, too. But he didnt have a horse. He watched the group and then asked Jefferson to take him. Jefferson agreed immediately. The man climbed on. After they were both safe to the other side of the river, someone asked the man, Why did you ask present for help? Did you know him? The man was shocked because he didnt know Jefferson was the president. All I know, he said, on some of your faces were written the answer NO, but there was the answer YES on his face.
86. Who was Tomas Jefferson?
A. He was a businessman. B. He was a teacher.
C. He was a captain. D. He was the president of the USA.
87. How did they cross the river?
A. In a boat. B. On their horses.
C. By swimming. D. By building a bridge.
88. When the group were crossing the river, ________.
A. water was flowing out of the river B. it was windy and very cold
C. there were many empty boats in the river D. everyone wrote a word on the face
89. At last, __________.
A. both Jefferson and the man were safe to cross the river
B. only Jefferson crossed the river
C. only the man crossed the river
D. Jeffersons horse died
90. From the passage, we know that _________.
A. all the travelers were kind B. Jefferson was helpful
C. nobody knew the president D. the man gave Jefferson some money
ּ⡿ͳTomas JeffersonΣ֮ʱ˵Ĺ¡
86. Dϸ⡣µĵһ仰֪Tomas Jeffersonͳ
87. Bϸ⡣So it was very dangerous to cross it on a horse.һ֪ӡ
88. Aϸ⡣The river was overflowing its banks.һ֪ΪA
89. Aϸ⡣After they were both safe to the other side of the river,һ֪ȫ˶԰
90. Bּ⡣ҪͳTomas Jefferson˵Ĺ¡BΪȷ𰸡
The new book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood is warmly welcomed by the children in China. It sells well across China. You can see and hear the advertisements about the book here and there.
Why is the book so attractive (˵) to children? After reading it, I was attracted by the magic world. I can not help asking: where is our own Harry Potter?
China has a long history and colorful culture. With a large market of teenagers, China published () many popular books among children. However, why are the present books not as good as those foreign ones?
Firstly, quiet a number of childrens are of strong sense of teaching, and they have little interest. Reading them, children often have a feeling of being educated. Certainly, they dont like them. Secondly, fewer children like the same stories, but most Chinese books are usually much the same. One knows the ending as early as in the beginning. Finally, the writers seldom think about childrens needs.
First-class Reading for children should be interesting, and written in their language.
91. About the present Chinese childrens books, which is NOT right?
A. They have little interest. B. Our writers seldom know childrens needs.
C. Most of them are the same. D. They are better than foreign ones.
92. Harry Potter is so popular, because __________.
A. its the same as Chinese books B. it can lead children into a wonderful world
C. its not written in childrens language D. its advertised more often on TV or posters
93. The Chinese meaning of the underlined phrase First-class Reading is _______.
A. һ B. һڿεĶ C. һĶ D. Ķ
94. Where is our own Harry Potter? means __________.
A. the writer cant find any books for children
B. Chinese presents should buy Harry Potter for their children
C. our children should learn from Harry Potter
D. Chinese writers should write better books for children
95. Which is the best title () of the passage?
A. Ways to read books. B. A magic boy, Harry Potter.
C. Books and advertisements. D. Our children need better books.
91. Dϸ⡣However, why are the present books not as good as those foreign ones? һ֪ΪйĶͯͼ鲻ĺá
92. Bϸ⡣µĵڶο֪ءһ鳩ԭܰѺǴһ硣
93. Cж⡣ӵĺ벿ֿжϳһĶӦöͯдģ˸ȤĶ
94. Dж⡣Ϊйû񡶹ءĶͯϣйд񡶹ءĶͯ
95. Dּ⡣ƪôƪйͯڵ⣬ָ˺õĶͯӦ߱صֻDµ˼
IJ д ⣬25֣
X. ƴд5С⣻ÿС1֣5֣
96. It is i_________ (Ҫ) for you to keep healthy.
97. He r __________ (յ) a story-book on his last birthday.
98. We shouldnt throw rubbish e ________ () to protect environment.
99. A _______ () is the fourth month of a year.
100. Help y _________ (Ա) to some fish. Mum said to my friends.
𰸣 96. important 97. received 98. everywhere 99. April 100. yourselves
XI. 1С⣻20֣
װĵͬѧ㽫ҵˡѧϰУһύĺѡӢдһƪģһλĺLi Lei
Ҫ£ 1. ˣԸȤ㷺
2. ɼ㣬ѧϰϰң
3. ׼һԱл
4. Ҷףϣ
ע⣺1. 80100ͷΪдãܴ
2. Ҫ㣬Ҫʵϸڻʹᡢͨ˳вóʵѧУϢ
3. οʻ outgoing
We are graduating from school soon. I miss so many good friends, especially my best friends ---- Li Lei.

һOne possible version
We are graduating from school soon. I miss so many good friends, especially my best friends ---- Li Lei.
Li Lei is a top student. He is outgoing and hard-working. He has a lot of interests and is always ready to help others. We get on well with each other so we often discuss our study together and he can always find out new ways to help me work out problems. Im so proud of him.
I care so much about him that I want to do something meaningful for him. Before leaving school, Ill send him a card that I make myself with my best wishes. I hope he will have a bright future and that our friendship will last forever.

ȫ Ʒ
ȫ Ʒ
ȫ Ʒ
ȫ Ʒ
ȫ Ʒ
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